Exercising with Physical Limitations

There are many ways the human body can feel physically limited.

Personally, I’ve had a rib out and hip bursitis. Even though an injury or other limitation may come from only one part of the body, the body is all connected and, as you know if you’ve experienced it, the whole body may hurt or have trouble functioning as normal.

The tendency is to stop exercising all together, especially if the lower body is affected.

Most recently bursitis kept me feeling “off” for months. I’d like to say I developed an extensive workout routine around my pain. But ya know, I just really didn’t feel like it.  I get how hard it is to move when you don’t feel well!

However, I did keep moving!

Some days it was very short, others were longer. I kept trying different activities to see what felt good.

The key was that I kept moving at least a little each day and as I found new things I could do, I exercised more.

When the bursitis finally let up I slipped right back into moving more and feeling great! It was so natural because I had kept up a little.

The commitment to doing a little, letting go of “all or nothing”, really is powerful.

In the future I’ll be showing some practical ways to keep exercising even when physically limited in some way. If you have a story to share about how you kept moving when limited I’d love to hear it and possibly have you write a guest post!

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