Discover the Power of Small Steps


I know how hard it is to wrap one’s brain around the value of committing to a ridiculously small and easy step. But stick with me!

Since it’s so small and easy, what do you have to lose by giving this plan a try?

For the next two weeks I want you to do 2 (yup! just 2)  push-ups (Wall, from the counter, knee, full- whichever you are most likely to do!) after every time you_______________.  You choose when.  Here are some ideas:


using the restroom

brushing teeth

walking in the front door

using the microwave


Post your choice in the comments below and do a little happy dance every time you do them!

PS. If you already do push-ups regularly pick something else and be sure to keep it super easy and small or check back in two weeks when I’ll have a new challenge!


  1. My wrists are bad from arthritis, so I do wall push ups using my fists and straight wrists. I’d love to see a video of how to do push ups from the counter, to expand my options 😉

    • Way to go modifying to make them work for you Kazza!!! Thanks for letting me know what would be helpful, I’ll make a video of counter push-ups soon and share it in my newsletter 🙂