Setting Yourself Up For Success with Small Steps












I find the best way for me to drink more water throughout the day is to have it readily available! How do I be sure it’s readily available? I write “FW” for “Fill Water” in my planner.


I know drinking water throughout the day seems so simple, yet how many of us do it? I know I didn’t until I made it a priority and put it in my planner!

I have a large water bottle and a large mug in my home office that I fill every day. I have a water bottle that I fill for my car and one that I fill for when I substitute.



Your small steps challenge this week is to choose one container and fill it every day at the same time. This may take some experimenting to see when will work best for you.



Once you’ve found a time that works come tell us when it is in the comments!



  1. I actually drink a full glass of water in the morning with my pills and another full glass in the evening before I brush my teeth. I really dislike water, so I like to chug it – sometimes I come back from something and drink 2 or 3 small glasses right in a row!

    • Way to go finding a way that works for you, Elaine! Have you tried adding lemons, limes or other fruit to water for throughout the day? I have a client that adds carbonation to her water and enjoys it that way. Sometimes filtering water can help with the taste too. Do you enjoy herbal teas? We do the best we can with our preferences eh? 🙂

  2. That’s exactly what I do! Everyday I fill my water bottles (I have 3 at my desk) so that I ‘don’t forget’ to drink my water, plus it helps me track how much I’m drinking.