2 Easy Tips to Help You Get More Sleep



Ahhhh to sleep like a cat! Isn’t it relaxing to watch the experts?

I had a fb request for a small step to help one get to bed earlier. Here’s something I do that helps:


Simply put an alarm, with a nice calming sound or song, on your phone that goes off around the time you want to start winding down for the evening.  

Just a gentle reminder to start closing tabs on your computer, be sure all food is put away in the kitchen and head for the bathroom to brush your teeth etc. Perhaps you’ll want a rule in your family of no technology 5 minutes after the alarm goes off? (aside from the suggestion below)

This can be set with just enough time to get ready and hop in bed, or a bit earlier so you don’t feel panicked and can just slowly start transitioning.


What if stress is keeping you from falling asleep even if you do get to bed at a good time?


Click here for an awesome guided breathing and progressive muscle relaxation recording to listen to after you get into bed.


If these sound helpful to you take a quick moment to set your alarm right now and get the youtube video set up so you can easily hit play tonight.

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