2 Essential Steps to Your Best Workout

You’ve decided you want to start exercising again! You do a google search. Can we say overwhelm?!? So many claims that this is THE way to exercise. How do you be sure and choose the right one?


Keep reading to learn 2 steps to the workout that will have you feeling good and coming back for more!


Human nature seems to have this strong pull to find THE way of doing things. We have this, often subconscious, desire to put everyone in the same box. “If it worked for so and so then it should work for me” we think. We do this within ourselves as well. “It worked for me last year, it should work for me this year too. Why can’t I get my act together?”


The “right” way to exercise is the way that lights you up, has your body feeling good, your mind happy, and your emotions grounded, today.


The 2 essential steps to finding the best workout for you is to continually test and pivot.  I have so appreciated this concept from Hélène Scott when it comes to running a business and I think it can apply to much of life, including exercise!


There are an endless amount of ways to move your body! If you aren’t liking what you’re doing now, there’s a high probability that there’s a much better fit out there! But often the only way to know for sure is to actually test and find out.

Information about various workouts can be valuable, but ONLY when in conjunction with your self knowledge. 

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I tested out a yoga site a few weeks ago. I’ve found I’m extremely picky with yoga, there are VERY few that I enjoy. Most are oh so painfully boring to me. So I move on, I test and pivot. Just because others adore yoga doesn’t mean I have to. I’ll do the few I like when I feel like it and focus my energy on building my skills in an area that calls to me.


Even things I love one day, can feel like dead weight another day. So I pivot.


Life changes us, always. It’s far more beneficial to be kind to ourselves about activities we used to enjoy but now don’t, then to try and push ourselves into the past mold.


One week a certain level will be perfect, the next week your body may ask you to take it easy. Test it out and pivot based on the feedback your body and mind provide you.


Having a plan is important, it helps us avoid analysis paralysis. It’s powerful to have something to default to! But I always let myself pivot from the plan if something else is calling my name, either emotionally or physically.


Would you like test and pivoting guidance to help you find a workout that has you feelin’ good all over!?


Click here to sign up for a tea and exploration call and I’ll get you started! I work with people online and in Newberg, OR. Grab some tea and we’ll talk about some things you can start testing and pivoting right away as well as how we can work together if you choose. I’d love to meet you and have no desire to pressure you into something you don’t want. We’ll talk and I’ll give you the space you need to decide.

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