My Thanksgiving Wish


I wish for us to move our bodies because it feels so good

Not because we feel guilty for eating


If we choose to move after a meal I hope we’ll feel the nourishment it brings, the added oxygen helping us to digest after savoring a delightful meal.

Not because we feel bad about what we ate.

And if we choose a nap, may we enjoy it thoroughly!


I wish for us to know that exercising doesn’t have to be in a gym or running or any specific activity.

It can be jumping on a trampoline, dancing, raking leaves, wiggling, ice skating, a stroll with a loved one, tag and so on.

What fun can we have with family and friends? Or nourishing alone time to refresh?


If moving your body without guilt feels way to foreign, can you take a moment to ponder the idea? Simply think about it as a possible option. What might it feel like to move with freedom and ease, to release stress not increase it?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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