Exercise During the Holidays? You’re Kidding Right?


I get it!

There’s so incredibly much going on this time of year! And it’s so easy to push exercise off until New years!

But hear me out, just for a few seconds, please?

Did you know that movement can actually help with the holiday stress?

Yes, perhaps you did! But you’re still thinking “Ya Right, like it’s going to fit”!

What you might not realize, or may have forgotten, is that the smallest bits of movement can really make a difference!

Here are a few ideas. Choose ONE and see how it goes. You can always come back for more later 🙂

~ Roll your ankles and give your body a full stretch with some relaxing breathes before you get out of bed.

~ Do 5 jumping jacks right after you get up in the morning, or mid morning after sitting, or right before lunch, or right after getting home from work.

~ Dance to your favorite song once a day

~ Do my feel good full body warm up right before you hop in the shower. It takes less then 6 minutes. Or during your lunch break or right after you get home from work.

~ Balance on one foot while brushing your teeth

~ When cleaning do so with music on and move your body with more energy, paying attention to supportive form.

~ Post in the comments your quick movement break ideas!

What benefits can the above bring? Simply put then can help your body FEEL GOOD! From that place of feeling good you can function more efficiently, feel the stress a little less, and perhaps find a smile and get your endorphin’s flowing. Just to name a few.

Many are surprised at the difference just a little can make. And maybe a couple of the days you’ll find yourself with time to do more and lovin’ it!

If you end up doing nothing, please be kind to yourself. Take a breath and enjoy what’s in front of you. You’re awesome whether you move your fabulous body or not.

What small movement sounds totally doable to boost your day?

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