When the Physical Activity You Need Isn’t Fun

If you’re at all familiar with my approach you know I’m BIG on finding exercise you enjoy!! The variety of ways you can move your body is almost never ending!


I highly encourage you to keep looking if you haven’t found what lights you up.  I’m happy to have a FREE Tea and Exploration call to help you explore options if you’re feeling stuck!


HOWEVER sometimes the physical activity required for you to build up to activities you enjoy is not fun in and of itself. It’s boring and tedious and so. not. fun!



This could be Physical Therapy exercises to rehab an injury.


Perhaps you’re a book worm through and through and while all bodies like some movement and you want to be able to go on walks through lovely small towns and play with your children, you know that in order to do those with ease you need to move at other times when you just really want to curl up and read a book! Exercise is more enjoyable for some then it is for others. I don’t want to deny this reality.


Perhaps you’re a Spoonie, maybe even a Spoonie that adores exercise. But your condition won’t let you do the movement you love. You know the short easier sessions help you overall and even feel good, but it’s hard to think of them as fun when you really want to be out running or hiking etc.


Bethany wrote a wonderful post about her experience with not so joyful movement HERE. If you have a moment go check it out and then come back, I’ll be waiting with some ideas.


A couple ideas if you’re choosing to do movement that isn’t particularly fun for you:


* Make it as fun as possible. Can you do it with a friend? Play your favorite music? Watch or listen to a show (as Bethany mentions)? Turn it into a game with rewards? Break it up into smaller pieces?


* Experiment with what amount/type gives you the greatest rewards. Perhaps there’s a way to combine exercises so they take less time. Maybe you’re doing more sets then necessary for the outcome you need. Check with a trainer about maximizing impact with less time and more effective exercises.


Can you relate? Are there ways you’ve made it easier to do the not so fun exercise? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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