Requests I hear from clients:

Is there any chance we could maybe not do floor exercises?

I’m extra tired today could we do most of the exercises on the floor?

My knee hurts when I do this.

My rib is out so I can’t do that today.

I really don’t enjoy xyz.

Can we stay seated the whole time?


This is exactly what Mindfully Active is all about! I WANT to hear your wishes, desires, preferences, limitations etc.

Changing things up, exploring new options is what I LOVE doing! I’m here to customize exercises not just give you a standard plan. You can find those on youtube now.

What you can’t find is something intricately customized for YOU. Feedback given directly related to how I see you moving, how you describe the feeling, and if you enjoy it.

This can vary from day to day. Each time we meet we meet your body where it’s at right then.

Hi! I’m Gillian an ACE certified Personal Trainer and I thrive on creating spaces for you to connect with your body today, showing you step by step how to increase ease of movement and build strength in ways that meet you where you are so that you move and function with more ease!

Since starting Mindfully Active I’ve worked with a variety of fantastic clients one on one and in classes both locally and online helping them build strength and gentle movement programs that fit them. Hearing comments like the following totally make my day:

“I can get in and out of my car much more easily now!”

“I came to class feeling sore and tired and feel SO much better now!”

“I was able to do a lot more then I thought I could!”

“We were able to Kayak on our vacation much more easily thanks to this class!”

“I like that option much better!”

“My body feels good all over”

“This class is essential”

“I love the personalized attention to small details even in a class format”

“I can step up curbs now without fear of losing my balance”

Whether you’re wanting to build general strength, gently ease into movement or explore more fun ways to keep being active I love creating programs that are personalized to YOU.

Growing up I’d say I was a moderately active kid. Walks with family, playing on the playground, biking once I got over my fear, mimicking the ice skaters during the Olympics in my socks on the hardwood floors, bouncing on a small bouncer and later my brothers trampoline.  PE had it’s moments of being fun but wasn’t really my thing. In high school and university I enjoyed trying out different exercise videos off and on and walking/hiking in nature. Most of my activity at University was with friends.

After University grad, with no friends to exercise with, I found myself frustrated with my lack of stamina on hikes with my husband.

It was my own journey of at home exercise that lead me to explore becoming an ACE certified Personal Trainer. I discovered that I loved learning about the body and how to help it safely build strength and stamina. I continue my learning journey by reading, attending workshops, trying things out for myself and listening to my clients. I especially enjoy strength training that can be done without machines.  I love exploring the options for body weight, free weights, bands and other awesome options out there.


What I experienced was that feel good steps, even small ones (perhaps especially small ones), taken consistently add up in a powerful way. Things begin to snowball and movement gets easier and more fun to do.


It all starts with kindness and being mindful of what your body wants right now. This can be an incredibly difficult gift to give ourselves. But it’s so hugely rewarding when we do.

I’m passionate about the power of exercising from a place of wanting to feel good and function with more ease and let any weight loss pressure fall to the side. For me exercising to lose weight added a lot of stress and anxiety to my life. Focusing on respecting my body and finding myself at home in it, no matter it’s size, has been, and still is, an incredible journey, a freeing and empowering one!

I offer body positive highly personalized one on one strength training and small classes, all in the comfort of your home! If you have a good internet connection, then I can meet you anywhere in the world!


I also offer in personal training and classes in Newberg, Oregon at Chehalem Physical Therapy Inc.!


I have continuing education in exercise for Fibromyalgia and Arthritis. Taking things at the pace your body is ready for is even more crucial with most chronic conditions.

Gillian’s compassionate presence made space for the unexpected emotions that arose when I had a hard time adjusting to my body’s limitations. Gillian guided me to trust my body but also showed me how to guide my body into more trust. It was a profound experience I carried with me after, enabling me to take on greater fitness levels.

One of the greatest gifts of Gillian’s work for me is her ability to make things simple and teach creative thinking.

She helped me see opportunities for more movement and wellness within natural, routine parts of my day. Her hacks made for game-changing perspective shifts and new habits and introduced me to a relaxed, enjoyable relationship with fitness that strengthened and energized my body (and mind) gently — the beginning of a shift from the go!more! relationship with fitness I’d known.

I look forward to continuing with Gillian’s program and being gently, powerfully active in ways that honor my body’s needs and emotions. Thank you, Gillian, for helping me crack the code on how to enjoy and do fitness no matter where I’m at.– Alana, Washington state

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If you’re unsure lets grab some tea and hop on skype or the phone and chat about what’s possible for you! Free of charge and pressure, I’ll give you a few tips to get you started and explain how I can help you reach your goals. I’ll also be honest if what you want is not my area. My goal is to give you all the information you need to make the best decision for YOU. I’m also constantly creating new ways of working with people based on individual needs! Click here to schedule a tea and exploration session!

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