December 14, 2016
by Gillian Byers
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Exercise During the Holidays? You’re Kidding Right?


I get it!

There’s so incredibly much going on this time of year! And it’s so easy to push exercise off until New years!

But hear me out, just for a few seconds, please?

Did you know that movement can actually help with the holiday stress?

Yes, perhaps you did! But you’re still thinking “Ya Right, like it’s going to fit”!

What you might not realize, or may have forgotten, is that the smallest bits of movement can really make a difference!

Here are a few ideas. Choose ONE and see how it goes. You can always come back for more later ūüôā

~ Roll your ankles and give your body a full stretch with some relaxing breathes before you get out of bed.

~ Do 5 jumping jacks right after you get up in the morning, or mid morning after sitting, or right before lunch, or right after getting home from work.

~ Dance to your favorite song once a day

~ Do my feel good full body warm up right before you hop in the shower. It takes less then 6 minutes. Or during your lunch break or right after you get home from work.

~ Balance on one foot while brushing your teeth

~ When cleaning do so with music on and move your body with more energy, paying attention to supportive form.

~ Post in the comments your quick movement break ideas!

What benefits can the above bring? Simply put then can help your body FEEL GOOD! From that place of feeling good you can function more efficiently, feel the stress a little less, and perhaps find a smile and get your endorphin’s flowing. Just to name a few.

Many are surprised at the difference just a little can make. And maybe a couple of the days you’ll find yourself with time to do more and lovin’ it!

If you end up doing nothing, please be kind to yourself. Take a breath and enjoy what’s in front of you. You’re awesome whether you move your fabulous body or not.

What small movement sounds totally doable to boost your day?

November 22, 2016
by Gillian Byers
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My Thanksgiving Wish


I wish for us to move our bodies because it feels so good

Not because we feel guilty for eating


If we choose to move after a meal I hope we’ll feel the nourishment it brings, the added oxygen helping us to digest after¬†savoring a delightful meal.

Not because we feel bad about what we ate.

And if we choose a nap, may we enjoy it thoroughly!


I wish for us to know that exercising doesn’t have to be in a gym or running or any specific activity.

It can be jumping on a trampoline, dancing, raking leaves, wiggling, ice skating, a stroll with a loved one, tag and so on.

What fun can we have with family and friends? Or nourishing alone time to refresh?


If moving your body without guilt feels way to foreign, can you take a moment to ponder the idea? Simply think about it as a possible option. What might it feel like to move with freedom and ease, to release stress not increase it?

Happy Thanksgiving!

June 30, 2016
by Gillian Byers
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Is Giving up Your Exercise Routine Key to Your Success?

Have you ever attempted to give up something in order to be more healthy?


When applied to food, drink, TV etc. this is a commonly accepted practice (how helpful¬†those attempts are is a whole other topic). ¬†However, when it comes to exercise we often feel the pressure to “never give up!”.


Does your body feel weighed down when you think about exercise?

Is your exercise routine constantly pushing your limits, setting you up for injury?

Are you feeling more tired overall then before you started this routine?

Are you missing out on important things in your life?

Do¬†you rarely exercise¬†because it’s so not fun?


What would happen if you gave up on exercise that you don’t enjoy? Or that isn’t, at the least, giving you direct skills¬†to do¬†other activities you enjoy?


What feelings come up when you think about giving up your current exercise plan? Relief? Fear? A mix?

I adore this bike!

This bike is what I got for giving up.

In this post here I share about overcoming some mountain biking challenges by facing a fear and preparing my body. It was a great experience. But what about the rest of the story?


I didn’t bike much after that.


Thankfully my husband suggested that a different type of bike would be more comfortable and fun for me. So we went looking and found the bike pictured above. It was instant love!


I love how my back feels because I can sit up straight and still reach the handle bars. The ease of standing up straight on the peddles while still solidly holding the handle bars when going downhill, fresh air blowing into my face. And more!


Does this bike do well on mountain bike trails? No. Truth is I don’t really like mountain biking. It was great that I gave it a shot and overcame some fears and gained some skills. But it feels really good to just say “it’s not for me” and give up!


We don’t always have to conquer our fears or push for what challenges us the most. Sometimes the greatest benefit comes from giving up. Ya know what? I bike a whole lot more now! ūüôā


What exercise are you trying to talk yourself into?

Sometimes it’s so worth it to work through our fears and prove to ourselves we are up the challenge! But I also see us pushing when we don’t need to. When it’s not in our best interest to!


There are so many many ways to move and strengthen our bodies. Changing things up could make a night and day difference! Why not try something different?


Are you pushing because you enjoy it or want to get to the skill level so you can enjoy it? Or¬†simply¬†because you think you should? Being honest about this doesn’t mean you have to take drastic action right away if you don’t want to.


Does giving up feel too scary or are you feeling torn about whether you truly want to do this activity? Some minor tweaks may be all it takes:


~ Try different equipment (like I did with the bike)

~ Find a new location or different teacher/trainer

~ Slow down the movements or shorten the sessions 

~ Talk with a trainer to help you modify it to meet you where you are

~ Try something new just 1 day a week or take just a few minutes from each workout to try something a little different.

~ Add music

~ Find a partner

~ Change the time of day




If something feels off but you aren’t sure what to change I’d be happy to chat with you, free of cost and pressure, and see if we can find some ways for you to pivot and test. Grab some tea and we’ll hope on the phone or video chat! Sign up for a tea and exploration session here.


May 16, 2016
by Gillian Byers
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Exercise and Fibromyalgia

In this interview Ane Axford and I talk about honoring sensitivity and being Mindfully Active with fibromyalgia.

March 14, 2016
by Gillian Byers
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2 Essential Steps to Your Best Workout

You’ve decided you want to start exercising again! You do a google search. Can we say overwhelm?!? So many claims¬†that this is THE way to exercise. How do you be sure and choose the right one?


Keep reading to learn 2 steps to the workout that will have you feeling good and coming back for more!


Human nature seems to have this strong pull to find THE way of doing things. We have this, often subconscious, desire to put everyone in the same box. “If it worked for so and so then it should work for me” we think. We do this within ourselves as well. “It worked for me last year, it should work for me this year too. Why can’t I get my act together?”


The “right”¬†way to exercise is the way that lights you up, has your body feeling good, your mind happy, and your emotions grounded, today.


The 2 essential steps to finding the best workout for you is to continually test and pivot.  I have so appreciated this concept from Hélène Scott when it comes to running a business and I think it can apply to much of life, including exercise!


There are an endless amount of ways to move your body! If you aren’t liking what you’re doing now, there’s a high probability that¬†there’s a much better fit out there! But often the only way to know for sure is to actually test and find out.

Information about various workouts can be valuable, but ONLY when in conjunction with your self knowledge. 

sport-1013958_640  sport-1013718_640   sport-1013903_640sport-1013887_640  sport-1014058_640  sport-1013733_640

I tested out a yoga site a few weeks ago. I’ve found I’m extremely picky with yoga, there are VERY few that I enjoy. Most are oh so painfully boring to me. So I move on, I test and pivot. Just because others adore yoga doesn’t mean I have to. I’ll do the few I like when I feel like it and focus my energy on building my skills in an area that calls to me.


Even things I love one day, can feel like dead weight another day. So I pivot.


Life changes us, always. It’s far more beneficial to be kind to ourselves about activities we used to enjoy but now don’t, then to try and push ourselves into the past mold.


One week a certain level will be perfect, the next week your body may ask you to take it easy. Test it out and pivot based on the feedback your body and mind provide you.


Having a plan is important, it helps us avoid analysis paralysis. It’s powerful to have something to default to! But I always let myself pivot from the plan if something else is calling my name, either emotionally or physically.


Would you like test and pivoting guidance to help you find a workout that has you feelin’ good all over!?


Click here to sign up for a tea and exploration¬†call and I’ll get you started! I work with people online and in Newberg, OR. Grab some tea and we’ll talk about some things you can start testing and pivoting right away as well as how we can work together if you choose. I’d love to meet you and have no desire to pressure you into something you don’t want. We’ll talk and I’ll give you the space you need to decide.

November 30, 2015
by Gillian Byers
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When Your Hips Don’t Like to Move

I received a request for a video with less hip movement for those with Osteoarthritis in the hip area.

So here it is!

Let me know in the comments how it worked for you! And if you have any video requests.


October 5, 2015
by Gillian Byers
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Getting Real About Working Out with B.A.R.B.

I had a blast talking with Renia of Be A Real Beauty! We talked about her experience with exercise, how exercise should actually feel good and more!

Click here to listen in!

October 1, 2015
by Gillian Byers
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Start Building Strength From Your Chair Using Items From Your Kitchen

In today’s video I’ll be doing a¬†short full body strength routine that you can do while seated, using items from your kitchen!

I’d love to hear how it went for you in the comments! And if you have any requests for future videos!

June 18, 2015
by Gillian Byers
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Size Human

My friend Lana has an awesome podcast: body positive, non-diet approach to health, doable health and fitness tips, all with a lil’ bit O sas. ¬†She also is doing a¬†#sizeHUMAN series on her blog that I was privileged to be a part of.

Click here to read my post and check out all the knowledge, fun and inspiration Lana has to offer on her site!