Feel Good Exercise Planner

Start and maintain a fun exercise habit that:
*Feels Good  *Fits Your Life and *Helps You Tune in with Your Awesome Body Today!


What would it be like to focus on how good an exercise makes you feel, to notice the strength and stamina you’ve gained? Instead of stressing about calories burned?

Imagine a planner that supports you in feeling good about your body, right now, instead of pressure to be something different.

Imagine exercising because it feels good and is fun (or helps you do something fun) instead of feeling like another should or have to.

I created this planner to help you focus on feeling good, right now! No mention of weight or calories, just ways to tune into your awesome body today!

This planner meets you where you are and helps you create ways to fit movement into your unique life. Guidelines for setting base, main and stretch goals help you build a plan that fits with life’s twists and turns.


“I really love this planner. It’s been so helpful to me as someone who is trying my hardest not to depend on the scale for validation! Thank-you!” – Kayla


“Love the pages of how to and ideas. It meets my ‘must be able to stick in purse’ so I can take it with me if I go to a gym or a friend’s house, requirement. Very nice. Very well laid out. Love it. ” -Jessa

The planner includes:

– 4 weeks of unique daily prompts to help you tune into and appreciate your body and life so that your exercise plan serves YOU well. 

– Each week includes sections for goal setting, journal space, rest day/s, 3 cardio and 3 strength days. You can print off repeats as needed for your schedule.

-and more!

Click here to download the full page version, Enjoy!


Click here to download the half page (A5) version, Enjoy!