Sessions From the Comfort of Your Home

If you have a good internet connection and a webcam then read on!

Are you

       ~ Wishing for strength so you can lift and carry with ease

       ~ Someone who doesn’t prefer going to the gym

       ~ Unsure if the exercises you see in magazines or on Facebook are safe for you

       ~ Tired of exercises that don’t feel good

       ~ Worried about correct form and avoiding injury

       ~ So over using shame as a motivator

Exercise is NOT one size fits all. Your unique body, fitness level, likes and dislikes should all be factored into a good movement program. Exercise doesn’t have to be painful, boring or intimidating! When it is, of course we don’t want to do it!

I work with motivated people, like you, who want to gain confidence and strength to be more physically active without the pressure of perfection and weight loss. 

But perhaps strength training feels a bit scary and intimidating. You have no idea where to start or are unsure of how to progress in a safe way for your body. Perhaps feeling strong feels too far away to be possible for you.

Together we create a safe program, in the comfort of your home (thanks to the internet!), designed for your whole body. I’ll show you step by step how exercises can work for you so you gain confidence in your ability and can enjoy the activities you want to do with constant and safe progress.


~ Feeling strong and confident when you go for a hike, carry groceries, go swimming, travel and more

~ Knowing how to listen to your body and work with it to help it get stronger in ways that feel good

~ Exercising in the comfort and privacy of your home, no driving to the gym or finding care for your kids

~ Saying goodbye to the mean voice in your head and learning to tap into your deeper motivation

~ A friend who will coach you and give you loads of encouragement no matter what life throws your way

We can make almost any space work! I love to meet your pets and am not the least bit concerned about how messy your space may be at the moment.

Mindfully Active was created to help you start feeling good, right now!

We will build a program that your body loves. Before you know it you’ll be doing more and more of the things that bring you pleasure. I’ll help you shift from a shame, weight loss and perfection focus to a focus that truly nurtures and inspires you!


Sound good?

Mindfully Active creates programs and packages that meet you where you are, helping you safely build strength and stamina in the comfort of your home.


Because each person and situation is unique I like to design packages after talking with you. There’s absolutely no pressure to buy. I want to give you the information you need to make the best decision for you right now. Grab some tea and we’ll chat about what you want and what set up I can create for you!

A 45 min. session is $50. This amount of time is usually needed for the first few sessions. After that we can explore 20 min. sessions as well as e-mail/text support and so on! Monthly 2x a week packages are also available. I’m very open to new ideas and ways of supporting you!


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If you have any questions you want to ask before scheduling a call please don’t hesitate to reach out to me through e-mail:  

I look forward to talking with you!