Is your body trying to tell you something?
Are you curious to find out?
Being human in a busy world means there are so many things pulling our attention away.
Would you like to:
Feel more at home in your body?
Tune in with what movement helps you feel good and thrive?
Release the expectation that movement that feels good to someone else will feel good to you?


Hi! I’m Gillian, a Personal Trainer and Body Trust® Specialist.

I want you to feel at home in your body. Really, truly welcome, at ease, and capable.

Everything I do is rooted in a commitment to supporting your curiosity, trust, and respect in your relationship with your body –just as it is right now. Through a Health At Every Size®-informed lens I help you connect with your body in a way that feels safe so you can move through life with more ease and joy.

The more I tune in with my body the more I realize how easy it is to act on outside demands and ideas instead of what my body is actually saying. It's a lifelong practice.

A practice of:
Pausing instead of rushing
Observation instead of judgement
Curiosity instead of certainty
Compassion instead of shame
Exploration instead of assumption
Feel good effort instead of strain
Kindness instead of pressure
Body wisdom instead of outside opinions
Celebrating our bodies instead of controlling them

I want you to feel empowered to make movement your own.



Which is why I've created a safe place for you to pause and get curious about what movement your body wants.


Explore body connection and feel good movement in a safe container

In this membership you'll be guided in small and impactful ways to connect to your body with curious and compassionate movement.

This membership isn't about telling you how to move,

it's a guide to support you in listening to your own body

For $15 a month you'll have access to:

Gentle Movement and Music Audios

A 10 min. or less movement exploration released randomly to help you pause and explore what feels good to you in the moment you are listening.


Designed to fit into the space you have.
Go at your own pace.
Room to breathe and listen.
Free of diet culture and judgement.

20 min. weekly Zoom Video Sessions

We'll gently explore movement together. Bring whatever is coming up for you.
If you can't make it live I'll make a short video to answer any requests sent in.

A growing library of past audio 

The audios will be saved and searchable so you can pull one anytime based on what your body might be asking for.

Easy Access

Links in the emails will sign you in. No need to remember or create a new password unless using the app option.

Connection and Support

I'm here to answer questions and hear your thoughts in the comments, through email or on the live Zoom calls! 

 Come just as you are and hold space for your body just as it is.











In this space ALL bodies and abilities are celebrated

This is a space that honors whatever is coming up for you physically, emotionally and mentally. A container where you get to tune in and listen as it feels safe to do so

In the audios we'll explore different ways of moving your body with encouragement to notice how they land for you in that moment. 

This connection helps us build self advocacy for the movement that serves us best. I want to support you in listening to the cues, whispers and nudges from your body before they become screams. This helps build trust and a sense of safety with our whole selves.

At first it might not seem like there's much here, but subtlety can be deceptively deep. This space is very intentional. There is power in pausing, feeling held and gently exploring. Tuning the world out so you can tune into YOU.

Try your first 2 weeks out on me! 

Being able to connect with your body helps you find movement that supports you no matter what is going on. This helps you feel more at home and at ease in your current body.

All you need is either a chair, your bed or floor and a bit of space to reach your arms and legs out. You likely won't even need to change clothes.

If you aren't moving much this is a great place to start. If you are, this will help you connect more with your body during those activities as well.


Questions not answered below? Don't hesitate to email me at with your questions!

I will periodically take a poll to find a time and day works for as many as possible. I know it won't be doable for everyone which is why you can send in a request and I'll make a recording addressing it! The Zoom calls are not recorded to make it feel as easy and safe as possible to show up and explore movement and connect with your body. As the membership grows I'll add more live times. They will be on a weekday. If you want to know the current Zoom call time please send me an email:

Yes! All comments will be approved by me first. This is a NO diet, weight loss or negative body talk zone. No talk that disrespects anyone will be allowed. If I don't approve a comment I will always send an email explaining why. If something is posted that you feel is harmful please let me know! I am always learning.

Yes! And the Zoom call will have automated captions live.

$15 a month. Give yourself 2 weeks to explore on me. Just cancel before the 2 weeks are up and there will be no charge. After that there will be an auto charge each month until you cancel.

These are gentle movement explorations that only require that you tune in with your body and use them as prompts. Many of them you can be seated or even lying in bed. If you do come across something that feels inaccessible let me know and we'll explore options! As time goes on there will be more and more variety.

Nope! Occasionally I will give an option for using various equipment or things around your home, but it's totally optional.

Ready to get started?

Let Your Body Feel Held for a Few Moments

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