Welcome! I'm Gillian, a Body Positive ACE certified personal trainer, offering training and classes at:

I love taking the intimidation out of exercise so you can come home to your body through feel good strength and movement and enjoy your life with more ease.

One on One

We'll create a highly personalized program just for you. These sessions are all about meeting your body where it's at right now. We build a solid base of functional movement that you can build on increasing ease of movement and skill.

We use free weights, bands, body weight and other equipment to help you enjoy the exercises and keep them feeling good!

A 45 minute session is $65. 

To learn more, ask any questions or set up a session you can e-mail me at Gillian@mindfullyactive.com.

Small Group Personal Training

What small group participants are saying:

“This group is essential”

“We have fun and laugh a lot”

“We never miss a session unless we’re traveling or sick”

“I accomplish something without having to sweat if I don’t want to”

“Each exercise is personalized for each person and how we’re feeling each day”

“I appreciate the small adjustments that make the exercises safer and more beneficial”

In these sessions each person is encouraged to do their own thing! It's not about keeping up with anyone else in the group. It's about doing what works for YOU! 

We begin with a feel good full body warm up followed by strength exercises that use body weight, free weights and other equipment to help you find exercises that you enjoy and feel good to your body. We end with personalized stretching that feels oh so good to your body.

You’ll leave feeling like your whole body has been engaged and feels better. Each person goes at their own pace and has their own exercises as needed. I’m there to guide and remind and alter as needed. I welcome your feedback, questions and requests. Things are ever evolving based on what you need and how you’re feeling each day.

If you have any questions about whether this class is a good fit for you please don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail! I’d be happy to talk with you. Gillian@mindfullyactive.com

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