If you know at least 5 other people that want a class I'd love to see if there's a time that works for all of us!
Cost: $12 drop in or $80 for 8 classes 2x a week.   (4 people= $15 each or $100 for 8 classes 2x a week.)

These classes start with a feel good full body warm up, then strength exercises using body weight and whatever equipment you have. This can be typical exercise equipment or items from around your house like cans of food, laundry detergent bottle etc.! Standing, sitting and lying on the floor all personalized for each person. There will be a focus on listening to your own body. We'll also explore ways to move your body just a bit differently and see how much better it can feel, during class and throughout your day.

If you're interested schedule a free exploration call here or e-mail me at Gillian@mindfullyactive.com. I'd love to talk with you and be sure you have all the information you need!