Welcome! I’m Gillian Byers and I’m excited to offer highly personalized physical activity training Online and in Newberg, Oregon.

Are you ready to build strength, endurance and ease of movement in ways that feel good to your amazing body?

Click HERE to take a quick feel good movement break right now!

Are you done with a one size fits all program? Are you so over shame as a motivator?

Are you ready to have fun and feel good, right now?

Together we create a physical activity program tailored to your unique needs and wishes, empowering you to move through the world with greater ease. Whether that’s hiking in the alps or carrying your own groceries and playing with your kids.

I’d love to show you how to use physical activity in a way that feels good right now, right where you are.

Being Mindfully Active is about meeting yourself where you are, not where you were or where you feel you should be.

And, you may not know it, but doing that is what feels great about exercise.  It’s not about weight or punishment.

It’s about meeting yourself here in your body right now, any time, any where.


I enjoy creating physical activity programs that fit your unique life situation.

The options are almost endless and it makes a huge difference when you discover the ways your particular body likes to move!


“Gillian provided me with amazing support and over time I started an exercise routine little by little thanks to her encouragement and it was all about what worked for me!”
~ Sara Wagers
 Virtual Biz Partner

Ready to explore working with me? Click here to schedule a free Tea and Exploration session. My number one goal is to give you the information you need to make the best decision for you! Not to convince you to work with me. Hope to chat soon!



Photos on this page by the fabulous Vivienne McMaster