Self Soothing with Band

I was checking out some random used equipment that a friend was selling when I came across this purple band. I had no idea the magic I had just discovered!

I have some smaller ones that I had started to play with and thought why not give this one a try too? The next day I was on my back with my knees bent trying to relax and decided to try putting the band around my ankles.

WOW, it felt amazing. So soothing. Almost like hands on my ankles. Who knew that ankles could feel so good?!

Something about the texture and size of this band fit me perfectly.

In the video below I show another way I use it to calm my nervous system as well as around my ankles. This link is for that exact brand and size but I have no ties to them. I would think any brand in that size would work, but also a different size might feel better to you. Hope it sparks some ideas!

Did you give it a try? How did it feel? I invite you to share in the comments!

What feels good to one person might be irritating to another.

Honoring what your body loves helps you build trust with it.


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