Building Body Trust

Warm up Exploration for Your Knees

 My clients have all been loving this so I wanted to share with you too! It's a great way to gently explore some new movements for your knees and maybe find some new gentle stretch for your legs and hips :)

 I share two versions, the first is seated and the 2nd is lying down. Feel free to skip to the lying down one if you're short on time and that sounds better! 

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Talking Body Liberation on the Reembody Podcast

I was delighted to chat with Kevin Moore and Beck Beverage about the spaces I want to create for people. I hope this interview will bring cheer to your day!

Listen here: or wherever you listen to podcasts. It aired April 4 on The Reembody Podcast.

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Self Soothing with Band

I was checking out some random used equipment that a friend was selling when I came across this purple band. I had no idea the magic I had just discovered!

I have some smaller ones that I had started to play with and thought why not give this one a try too? The next day I was on my back with my knees bent trying to relax and decided to try putting the band around my ankles.

WOW, it felt amazing. So soothing. Almost like hands on my ankles. Who knew that ankles could feel so good?!

Something a…

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Self Soothe with a Hand Massage

How are your hands today?

If your hands have pain or tenderness be sure to go slowly and gently to explore what YOUR hands want and see if this feels supportive.

If you're not used to thinking about your hands much this activity might surprise you as to how good it feels! :)

I find this to be very calming and supportive if I'm in a stressful situation or even just when I'm feeling overstimulated.

Did you give it a try? How did it feel? I invite you to share in the comments!

What feels go…

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